Example Veranda and Glass Room Prices

Prices Vary On Options Of Quality & Inclusions

At Elegant we can offer different veranda frame styles with options on quality, each with prices figured accordingly. Prices can also depend on individual veranda installation requirements and the type of glazing used etc.

In particular, prices for an open glass room will vary not just by size, but by composition – whether some sides will have fixed glass walls or sliding doors, or might omit a glazed aspect due to ends adjoining a house brick wall.

Each and every home we visit is different and therefore printed price lists prove impractical. We do offer the following example veranda and room prices assuming straight forward installation directly to a suitably firm flat masonry two-storey wall surface.

Glass Veranda Prices

Three Models / Build Qualities

Plaza Budget Glass Veranda System

£4,500 *

  • 8mm Glass
  • 3m Wide x 2m
  • Includes Installation
  • *prices starting from

Glasmarkise Premium Glass Veranda

£6,250 *

  • 12mm Glass
  • 3m Wide x 2m
  • Includes Installation
  • *prices starting from

Glass Room Prices

Dependant on Doors Or Fixed Sides

Entry German Glass Room

£12,000 *

  • 2.5m Wide x 2.5m
  • Includes Installation
  • *prices starting from

*Current rates. Our veranda and room prices can depend on many factors and every project is individual. During your free design visit you can select from many options to configure your new veranda or garden room to fit your property and fit your budget.

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