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Interesting Alternative to Glass

No two jobs are ever the same… we thrive on finding solutions for our customers, achieving their expectations, needs, and within budget.

One particular customer came to us with a very clear idea of what they wanted – a glass room to create a corner of private tranquility in their garden. They had a hot tub, which was the driving force behind creating this relaxing area, which needed to be covered for all year round use.

We went about measuring and designing their bespoke glass room. However, there was another request… there was a fence which didn’t particularly look great and they had a requirement for privacy. We came up with an idea to create a contemporary, aluminum side wall, hiding the view of their adjacent fence while creating private seclusion.

Although the aluminum side wall wasn’t a product option at that time, we were more than happy to investigate and to bring one to market, helping to create the customer’s ideal outcome. The end product needed to have an identical matching colour to our framework, in the same textured and very on-trend, Anthracite grey.

The end project was a beautiful success, individually created for our client, who was thrilled to be able to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life, taking a few steps out onto her patio into her garden glass room – in privacy and without staring at her fence!

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14m Wide Victorian Glass Veranda

Our lovely customers in Hertfordshire, Mr & Mrs P, had only recently ‘downsized’ to this fabulous new home which features a superbly wide patio terrace.

Their initial enquiry was for a three or four meter wide Traditional Glass Veranda, to be built in the far left-hand corner of the patio, which by the time we got to meet them had grown to a five meter, or maybe even six meter, larger design.

The client was under no illusion about how beneficial this feature would be on the back of their home, they didn’t want to regret choosing too small a size, and they could see the added benefit of covering both sets of patio doors. Added to that, they soon came to realise the advantage of having further dry walkway access to and from their kitchen door, at the far right-hand end of this wide terrace.

Needing no encouragement from us at Elegant, this forward thinking customer opted to span their entire terrace width, ordering a fabulous 14m wide Traditional Victorian Glass Veranda complete with solid bollard bases, and ornate Victorian brackets, all in a powder coated RAL colour to match their windows and doors.

Our Veranda system here is one continuous 14m width, custom CAD designed to fit the house beautifully, and fitted with care by our own in-house team. Once complete, all agreed that it looked a perfect picture adding a touch of charm to the property.


Traditional glass veranda during construction.

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Installed More Than Once!

Our client from 2017 in Oxfordshire was thrilled with the result installing a large glass veranda in a contemporary grey-black. However this was not the end of the tale.

This particular glass veranda stretched across the back of the house, some 11.5m wide, and came outward to a projection of 3.5m. Several years passed by and the plans for their house changed, with the clients looking to build an extension at the back, over the space occupied by their glass veranda.

So, they approached us to see what could be done with the existing veranda. We came up with a plan to dismantle the existing veranda and store the glass, the frame and all the profiles. Our team carefully carried out a very precise plan to remove the glass veranda, secure it carefully transporting it to a garage for safe keeping, where it could hibernate whilst the house had a large extension built.

Once the house building work was completed our team returned to reinstall the veranda (complete with its original tinted glass and all of its many parts) back to the extended house, attaching it to the newly constructed wall and to a perfection in which no-one would imagine it had ever been moved. It is testament to the quality of our product that, after years of use and then reinstallation, it polished up like brand new!

Our clients were thrilled to have our trusted company look after this project for them, with ‘kid gloves’, seeing it reinstated to the exact specifications and standards of its original build.

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Autumnal Veranda

The Autumn weather is well and truly upon us, with our Indian summer heatwave gone, leaving us retreating indoors starting to think about switching on the heating !

However, for many of our customers with a glass veranda, outdoor living can continue throughout the seasons. It’s now widely known that our well-being can be hugely influenced and enhanced by natural sunlight and being outdoors. So, what better way to give yourself a shot of mood boosting energy, than to spend more time outside in your garden well into the Autumn months.

This year we’ve been thrilled to have customers come back to us, looking to enhance their existing verandas, and enjoy more outdoor living, with the additions of fixed glass sides, sliding doors, lights, under-glass awnings etc Although each of our verandas are built to a bespoke design, the modular product allows us to make these additions at any point in the future, helping people to have a variety of uses for their glass veranda.

So, why wait for the Spring, when it’s possible to love the outdoors no matter what the weather with one of our beautiful Glass Verandas ?

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Spring! Our Favourite Time of Year

I’m not sure how others feel but on a personal note, I always feel like I’m coming out of hibernation when the longer days arrive.

The joy when the clocks jump forward an hour, giving us those longer, and hopefully, warmer days to enjoy outside. It’s often a time when people start to make plans, whether that’s for summer holidays, days out, or new ideas for their home. We have some beautiful options available to extend your outside living into the summer months.

Customers are starting to call us to inquire about potentially putting a glass veranda on the back, side, front of their house, creating that perfect space for summer social gatherings. We have amazing suppliers that are continuing to send products to us efficiently and on time, giving us security to our customers for lead times of just 6-8 weeks !

So, with the daffodils in full bloom, we look forward to meeting our customers in dryer, sunnier conditions to measure up for their bespoke glass veranda.

I’m off to find my sunglasses…..

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Weinor Glass Room in Kent

Recently we completed this spectacular transformation of a terrace in Kent, for customers Sharon and Ron, replacing their ageing wooden trellis and deck structure.

A stunning Weinor glass veranda, complete with w-17 glass doors, now upgrades this outdoor living area in the place of their previous arrangement. Gone with the old timber deck boards, darkening trellis fencing and yellowed polycarbonate roof sheets, and in with a remodelled patio, Weinor Terrazza veranda with three sets of Weinor sliding glass doors! Colour coded to match with the grey-black cladding of their home, even the veranda roof glass was in our solar grey-black tint. The finished result looks a pleasing picture with the customer delighted.


The terrace before with wooden trellis structure.

Sharon and Ron were keen to pay attention to the details on this project, they chose Elegant to provide their glass veranda knowing that detail and quality matter utmost to us too. With the patio tiled in slate grey, even the existing duck egg blue summer house received a coordinated coat of fresh paintwork. Coordinating with surrounding elements leads to a more consummate completion, leaving no stone unturned they now have a beautiful outdoor living area, flooded in light from glass all around, an asset to their property and home lifestyle.

To achieve a high end finish for your glass veranda project call Elegant today.

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Heading Toward The Holidays

2021 is almost through. The glass veranda market boomed once again this year, the result of continued travel restrictions with Brits making the best of their terrace at home.

This year has seen other effects of Covid too, including supply issues and rising material costs. Delivery schedules have been affected and manufacturer staffing has continued to suffer interruptions. That said, the continued growth in demand for outdoor living products has been good news for our industry – in what has seemed dark days, we’ve seen an increase in glass room sales (even higher than verandas) and optimism for 2022 is high across the sector.

2022 is forecast to bring multiple material price increases, including glass and aluminium, and so the advice right now is to jump in before summer 2022 when retail prices are expected to rise. This will push up demand in the earlier part of next year for which we have planned ahead ordering additional stock and planning for overtime hours throughout the spring. Covid is still around but 2022 is looking positive for us all. At Elegant we have risen to the challenge, the outdoor living market continues to grow, we have done everything we can to meet demand, maximise supply, maintain quality and to bring good service.

May we thank our suppliers and customers for their support and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Covid Free New Year.

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Indoor Hot Tub Glass Room

With Autumn fast approaching, let’s look at some of the lifestyle ideas of how an Elegant Glass Room can help make continued enjoyment of your outdoor space throughout winter.

At Elegant we’ve noticed more and more customers looking to use their covered space in creative and practical ways, including a growing demand for incorporating hot tubs, fitness equipment, telescopes and even pizza ovens. Especially during lock-down, many customers have looked beyond the obvious Alfresco dining possibilities of Verandas and Glass Rooms, to create a multi-use home environment – one which satisfies many purposes improving leisure time at home.

While a rigid ‘Jacuzzi’ style hot tub requires substantial installation, inflatable mini-spa’s can provide the same temperatures of water and are easier to incorporate into existing Glass Rooms. The model shown in our photo is a Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki, which has a unique thin-wall design, large 1120L capacity, 180 bubble jets and Freeze Shield™ technology for use all year. At around £600 – £700 Helsinki is among the higher costing options, but various home stores can be found selling other inflatable models at almost half that price.

Our example shown above sits on a composite decking floor, which has been suitably reinforced for the weight of water. Turning this stunning glass room into a wintergarden spa gives more options for how the terrace can be enjoyed out of summer, relaxing in hot spring luxury, comfortably protected from wind and rain behind glass. Inflatable spa’s can easily be relocated, or even packed away for periods, allowing your outdoor space to stay flexible – ‘ringing the changes’ to keep life at home interesting.

Contact us to find out more about achieving this for your home, at Elegant we have a wealth of experience and advice we can offer building this option into your glass room lifestyle.

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Moving With The Times @Warren_Farm

After 15 years of working from Matthews Green Farm, we are now upgrading our facilities moving to Wokingham’s expanding Warren Farm commercial area.

Yes, at Elegant Glass Verandas we can see that our new location is a clear upgrade on the last, although we’ll miss being at Matthews Green we are delighted with this relocation – and with it being just a mile away! The Long Barn on the nearby Warren Farm development here in Wokingham, Berkshire, provides everything that our growing business needs. This new facility gives us more storage, better access, and more offloading space for deliveries.

We now understand why it’s named Warren Farm too, the approach makes for an interesting drive with rabbits aplenty at dawn and dusk. Wonderful.

Here’s to a long and happy stay!

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UK Atomic Energy Authority

The government UKAEA selected us at Elegant to provide this impressive 19m wide x 5m veranda system, for their kitchen restaurant courtyard at Culham science centre, Oxfordshire.

Meeting up with us in early Spring, design for this substantial glass roof system was to form a major part of the makeover planned for their kitchen courtyard, improving the outdoor environment for staff at Culham. Technical obstacles included how the glass veranda could not be fixed directly to the building, this due to the office construction of cladding and aluminium window frames. Instead, a free-standing support frame was to be concreted deep into the ground, supporting this veranda off the building at its rear. For product info see Custom Brackets.

All of the staff here at Elegant Glass Verandas passed stringent security checks to gain passes onto the high security government site. The UKAEA also has excellent codes for workplace safety, something which all contributing companies and contractors must be able to demonstrate and strictly follow. Elegant Glass Verandas were chosen for our professional reputation and our ability to meet their high standards. We completed this project in July 2021, on schedule, on budget, and meeting full commercial health and safety protocols.

The UKAEA at Culham researches fusion energy and its related technologies, with the aim of positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy. Fusion, the process that powers the Sun, can play a big part in our low-carbon energy future. UKAEA scientists and engineers work with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of sustainable energy, for tomorrow’s power stations.