Glass Veranda Sun Blind

With summer in swing the demand is hotting up for our veranda sun blinds; patio roofs with a built-in sun awning and even vertical sun screens putting you in control.

An integrated sun blind provides welcome shade below your glass veranda, invaluable during heat wave periods and comfortably controlling glare on sunny days. Virtually a complete patio awning, our built-in sun blind installs below your glass roof keeping it out of the weather and clean from debris or bird droppings. Operated by remote control, at the touch of a button the sun blind glides quietly and effortlessly and can be stopped part-way for partial shade.

Options are plentiful to suit all tastes choosing from over 150 plain or patterned fabrics in a wide range of subtle or vibrant colours, including our Veil-Tex range allowing a veiled view through the blind. Choose between handset operation, wall switch, or fully automated action using a sun sensor! Advanced fabric technology ensures lasting good looks and the blind casing and hardware is beautifully made to blend with your glass veranda structure.

With our modular concept, retro fitting is available so existing glass verandas can have this sun blind added subsequently. Contact Elegant to view the fabrics and receive a tailored quote.


Garden Veranda vs Glass Garden Rooms

What are the differences? Offering what advantages? In this article we look at why some customers prefer their veranda roof while others favour fully enclosed glass garden rooms.

We all enjoy an Alfresco lifestyle, using the garden as an extension to home living space, evident by the boom in outdoor lounge furniture and innumerable garden living accessories. But no matter how well furnished, an exposed patio has its limitations, requiring protection from the elements if you want an outdoor living space that is always available. Not necessarily down to cost or budget, the most successful installations can be based on lifestyle and intended use, deciding just where the line should be drawn defining an ‘indoors-outdoors’ living space; be it a veranda roof alone, or a full glass room.

Garden Verandas

A garden veranda (glass patio roof) provides permanent protection in a minimalist form, creating a defined furnished spot in which to gather and relax. This option can be seen as being entirely about the garden, enjoying the open outdoor space – outside yet protected! Their fully open nature allows great flexibility with how they can be used; swing hammocks pulled in, chair and table layouts altered, barbecue pushed under, fully adaptable arrangements. Harmoniously blending, with minimal structure (just two or three leg posts) a garden veranda makes the perfect home improvement for garden lovers, barbecue enthusiasts, would-be outdoor livers, or anyone wanting to enjoy their terrace better and more often.

Glass Garden Rooms

Glass garden rooms offer protection from above and the sides, still very much about enjoying your garden they retain a frameless clear view with a real sense of light and space. Then simply roll back your glass doors to make an open veranda! Rooms create a warmer enclosed environment, warmer for evenings and extending use of your terrace throughout the seasons. Garden glass rooms feel a little more ‘indoor’ compared to a veranda, yet still feel out of the house – very much an outdoor sensation feeling fully connected with the garden.

Larger size garden rooms can enjoy multiple options with furniture layout. For smaller rooms it’s always your design but we do recommend having at least one fixed glass wall giving somewhere to place furniture. Protected from the sides, cushioned furniture can sit to the edge yet keep clean and dry. Our glass garden rooms are ideal for home lifestyle lovers, garden admirers, or anyone looking to escape that “cooped-up” feeling stuck in the house, or cooped inside a conservatory.

Which is better? Whichever best suits you! Either way you’ll wish you had added it years ago, giving you more options for how you can enjoy your time at home.


Summer With A Patio Roof

Glass patio roof canopies keep your patio dry from rain, but the benefits don’t stop there. Don’t under estimate the brilliant fair weather benefits of this addition to your home.

Luxury when the sun shines, we cannot overstate the joy of warmer sun through the glass; making the milder UK climate feel like your holidays. As sunlight passes through the glass canopy its warmth intensifies, lending a more Mediterranean climate to your patio, this benefit greatly increased adding fixed glass walls or frameless glass doors. Glass sides cut the breeze and contain the warmth, while our slide away glass doors put you in even more control developing your patio roof into a complete sun room.

Stepping out to your patio you can really feel the difference, an Alicante terrace you can holiday at home. On overcast days the warming continues, inviting you out when otherwise you’d feel housebound. Again, sides help this, containing a microclimate.

UVB is dramatically filtered, you don’t burn through glass like you would on the open patio, while laminated glass significantly filters UVA too. Adding our built-in sun awning (housed below your patio roof glass) puts you in even more control; adjusting light levels and shade on sunnier days, and forming an insulative barrier for microclimate during evenings. The more you add to your patio roof the better it gets, although our modular design allows you to install the roof alone then add as little or as much as you desire over time.

A super place to sit, enjoying a better, longer summer, protected from the elements with a clear open view of your garden. A glass patio roof offers a unique added option for enjoying your time at home… and we haven’t yet touched on the wet weather benefits!


Elegant Glass Verandas Facebook

It’s been a long time coming (years!) but we’ve finally created a Facebook page and all at our office admit to an element of excitement enjoying the customer feedback already.

Along with our news blog this added feature helps customers keep in touch – and keep up to speed with our activities throughout the year. Expect to see installations in progress, get updates on new products, and hear promotions and offers as they happen. The No.1 social media giant makes it all possible and can now be seen in every corner of the Web.

Find our page and follow us at…


Spring is on the way!

Spring is on the way, a very welcome arrival, and it’s at this time of year that interest grows in our glass verandas as we all start looking again at the patio and garden.

Yes, temperatures are on the up! We should get into double figures most days now, and see more sunshine and blue skies. The daffodils are coming through and at Elegant we saw the first snowdrops while walking the dog in the local park.

Everyone’s thoughts begin to turn to the garden and just how we’ll all be making best use of it. The first sweep of the patio, and general garden tidy up, rejuvenates interest in our outdoor space causing us all to think about clement seasons to come.

A few garden jobs can make a big difference at this time, including giving the lawn a cut, if the ground is firm enough, this sweeping away winter neglect and encouraging the start of lawn growth. But do be mindful of frost. It’s also a good time to tidy up the borders, giving them a light dig over – getting some air back into the soil. At home we are looking at the evergreens too, a light pruning tidy up before new growth begins; giving them a better shape to grow into.

Beyond green fingers, its also time to plan our alfresco season! Has the barbecue survived? We all love an outdoor lifestyle, looking forward to summertime in the garden, and what every garden needs is a protected furnished space in which to really enjoy it. Early planning, getting a quotation at this stage, can avoid longer lead times and take advantage of off-season discounts and see your glass veranda or glass garden room installed for the very start of the season.

After an afternoon’s work in the garden, what better way to relax than under an Elegant Glass Veranda…