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Elegant Victorian Veranda in Hampshire

We recently had the pleasure of installing a stunning traditional Victorian glass veranda for a delighted customer, Mr. and Mrs. HB, in Grayshott, Hampshire. This exquisite addition to their home offers a functional outdoor living space perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

Design and Specifications:

Measuring a generous 6 metres in width, this veranda is designed with careful consideration of both form and function. The span between the leg posts is 4 metres; it was strategically planned with just two legs to avoid a middle leg post. This design ensures that the customer’s intended patio table and chair arrangement remains unobstructed by a central leg, providing ample clear space for outdoor dining and gatherings.

Victorian Charm with Modern Functionality:

The veranda is adorned with ornate Victorian features, adding a touch of classic elegance to the terrace. The solid bollard bases accentuate a Victorian charm, coupled with ornate brackets at the top of the legs. Modern materials ensure a weatherproof and maintenance-free structure that will never need re-painting. Finished in a sleek jet black powder coating, the veranda exudes timeless character while seamlessly blending with the customer’s modernist black-framed patio doors.

Comfort and style combined:

To ensure comfort during the warmer months, this veranda is glazed with mid grey solar-tinted glass. This smart feature effectively reduces heat from the summer sun, creating a cooler outdoor area. The combination of grey-tinted glass with a black painted frame gives this veranda a stylish, sophisticated look while protecting those below from the elements.

In conclusion, this beautiful Victorian veranda installation in Hampshire is a perfect example of how traditional design elements can seamlessly integrate with a modern home. It provides the customer with an elegant outdoor space that enhances their home’s charm and offers a versatile area for outdoor living. We are thrilled to have been part of this project, which ended up including adding a veranda door canopy to the front aspect of their home.


The area before

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Victorian Glass Veranda in Gloucestershire

We are excited to share our installation of a stunning traditional Victorian glass veranda at a beautiful house in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Our team was tasked with creating a bespoke structure, specially shaped around a ground-floor extension, that complimented the aesthetic appeal of the home and provided ample practical outdoor space.

The veranda was our “Traditional” model, designed in a classic Victorian style, reflecting the ornate charm of that era. What made this project particularly unique was the necessity to shape the glass veranda around a small tiled roof that extended from the main house wall. This required precise measurements and meticulous planning to ensure a perfect fit, maintaining both functionality and visual appeal.

To complement the Cotswold stone of this Gloucester house, the veranda was custom powder-coated in a traditional pale green colour. This choice of colour not only adds to the timeless look, but its hard-baked paint coating also provides a durable and weather-resistant finish, ensuring that the veranda remains beautiful, functional, and maintenance-free for many years to come.

The glass roof of the veranda allows natural light to flood the patio area, creating a bright and inviting outdoor space that can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, the homeowners can now enjoy their garden with the added protection and style provided by their new glass veranda.

At our company, we take pride in delivering high-quality, custom-made solutions that are made for a perfect fit to enhance the beauty and functionality of our clients’ homes. This project in Stroud is a perfect example of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. If you’re considering adding a veranda to your home, we’d love to help you create something truly and uniquely special.


The area before


Veranda during construction


Stroud veranda CAD

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14m Wide Victorian Glass Veranda

Our lovely customers in Hertfordshire, Mr. and Mrs. P, had only recently ‘downsized’ to this fabulous new home, which features a superbly wide patio terrace.

Their initial enquiry was for a three-metre wide or four-metre wide Traditional Glass Veranda to be built in the far left-hand corner of the patio, which by the time we got to meet them had grown to a five-metre wide, or maybe even six-metre wider design.

The client was under no illusion about how beneficial this feature would be on the back of their home, they didn’t want to regret choosing too small a size, and they could see the added benefit of covering both sets of patio doors. Added to that, they soon came to realise the advantage of having further dry walkway access to and from their kitchen door at the far right-hand end of this wide terrace.

Needing no encouragement from us at Elegant, this forward thinking customer opted to span their entire terrace width, ordering a fabulous 14m wide Traditional Victorian Glass Veranda complete with solid bollard bases and ornate Victorian brackets, all in a powder-coated RAL colour to match their windows and doors.

Our Veranda system here is one continuous 14m width, custom CAD designed to fit the house beautifully, and fitted with care by our own in-house team. Once complete, all agreed that it looked like a perfect picture, adding a touch of charm to the property.


Traditional glass veranda during construction.

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Victorian Traditional Verandas

Our fabulous new range of traditional glass verandas is now available, featuring period-style posts with optional Victorian ornate castings, perfect for traditional homes or to complement a cottage-type garden.

Our new traditional glass verandas are ornately designed to sit well with a traditional garden, a period style of home, or simply for the traditional-minded. Designed with past-times features, lending a tastefully eclectic look, these traditional verandas suit Victorian and Edwardian homes beautifully. Even on a non-period property, this century-old styling offers all the glass veranda outdoor-living benefits yet with a charming period touch. A distinct statement, provocative of the past, perfect for architecturally suited facades.

Elegant traditional verandas come fashioned with corner-contoured leg profiles, avoiding the contemporary nature of square cornered posts. The lower legs of these verandas have rounded period bollard bases, creating the look, and we make the option available to also include ‘antique’ ornate castings at the leg tops, enhancing a Victorian appearance. It should be noted that this range is intended for veranda roofs only and that traditional verandas are not suitable for developing into glass rooms because their ornate leg profiles are not accommodating of glass door additions. That said, we can include fixed glass side walls for the ends (left and right), should you so wish.

Engineered from high-grade, powder-coated, extruded aluminium with parts of stainless steel, at Elegant we custom design your traditional veranda, fully made to measure, enhancing your home for years to come.

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