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Veranda Door Canopy Hampshire - Elegant Glass Verandas
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Veranda Door Canopy Hampshire

What a fascinating idea! A glass veranda as a front door canopy would make a stunning architectural feature, bringing in natural light and in a design that complements this customer’s Crittall Windows style doorway.

Our customers in Hampshire, Mr. and Mrs. HB, initially enquired about having a traditional-style Victorian glass veranda across their rear terrace. Upon visiting them to advise and measure, Mr. HB had the inspired notion to consider our aluminium veranda products for creating a stylish front door canopy. This Hampshire home had been fitted with Crittall windows style glass doors, and most front door canopies the customer had looked at would have either darkened the hallway or seemed inappropriate by design.

With a range of veranda roof models to choose from, at Elegant we can often put forward a design style not seen elsewhere, and sure enough, the perfect option existed. Our Midi veranda model has a design perfectly in keeping with Mr. and Mrs. HB’s modernistic doors, and so finally they could lend much-needed shelter to their front door entrance while adding to and even enhancing their contemporary aesthetic. Therefore, what started as an outdoor living project for their rear patio now became an opportunity to resolve two projects to the house front and back!

The new Veranda canopy forms the perfect addition to the entrance of this Hampshire home. Its glass panels mirror the three columns of glazing in the front door unit, blending seamlessly with the Crittall window style design. It serves wonderfully as a glass door canopy, welcoming guests into the abode while protecting the front step from wet weather. It creates a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors while still allowing light to flood in through the windows, into the hallway within.

Well done, Mr. HB! And well done, Elegant Glass Verandas.

Crittall Windows is an English manufacturer of steel-framed windows and glass doors. Its products have been used in thousands of buildings across the UK, including the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. The style is particularly associated with the Art Deco of early 20th-century architecture, and it is enjoying resurging popularity in architecture today.


The font doorway before

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Veranda Replacing a Pergola in Marlow Berkshire

In a beautiful part of Marlow, Berkshire, a wisteria-covered wooden pergola required replacing. Our Midi glass veranda system did the job perfectly, complementing the house.

Mr. and Mrs. B have always enjoyed their picturesque home at Marlow in Berkshire, complete with a charming wooden pergola covered in annually blooming wisteria. However, the aged timber frame was past its best, and they recently decided it was time for an upgrade. Seeking a more practical and stylish solution, they opted for an Elegant Glass Veranda. Upon visiting their property, we quickly determined that our Midi system would be the perfect fit for their needs. We specified the veranda to blend seamlessly with their house, ensuring the new structure would further enhance the aesthetic of their home.

Before the installation, we carefully removed the existing pergola structure to prepare the area. The transformation process was smooth and efficient, resulting in a beautiful glass veranda that now provides Mr. and Mrs. B with a more versatile outdoor space, including shelter from rain. Full of light and with protection from the elements, they can now enjoy their garden views year-round as never before. At Elegant, we take pride in delivering bespoke veranda installations tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Each project is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, designed to enhance both the functionality and beauty of any home, providing a perfect balance of style and practicality.

For verandas in Berkshire, contact us today. Let us help you transform your outdoor space, adding value and enjoyment to your property. Our installations are crafted with precision and care, ensuring long-lasting and visually appealing results. With expertise and dedication, we guarantee a beautiful and enduring addition to your life at home.


Before: the old wooden pergola of wisteria


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Glass Veranda in Bath, Somerset

Mr. W. spotted one of our glass verandas in Bath, Somerset, fitted to the home of his daughter’s neighbour. After seeing the glass veranda, he decided to enquire about one for his daughter. The result was fantastic.

The veranda was to be generously 6m wide, with a 5m outward reach, and to include accessory extras. Mr. W. wanted it to have spotlights for the evenings, twin quartz heaters, an under-glass shade awning, all via remote control, and a partial side glass wall to block the breeze. Our glass veranda installations are designed to provide elegant outdoor spaces for individuals and families across the south of the UK. When this particular customer saw the beautiful veranda we had installed for his daughter’s neighbour, inspiration struck, and he knew he wanted to add something similarly fabulous for his own daughter.

The outcome is not only a stunning addition to this impressive Bath property but also a practical and elegant outdoor space where his daughter and family could relax and enjoy the fresh air. The family was so thrilled with the results that the father decided to commission two more verandas from us, one for himself and his wife, and another for his other daughter. It’s stories like these that highlight the joy and satisfaction our installations bring. Our Elegant verandas are more than just a home improvement; they are a lifestyle enhancement, providing a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your outdoor space with our Elegant veranda solutions.

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Unique Neighbourly Space

In a unique twist, two neighbours wanted to share a glass veranda installed between their two cottages. Divided by a party wall, this elegant shared solution highlights their close friendship.

This recent project showcases a unique and heartwarming installation: a shared glass veranda between two Victorian cottages. Reflecting their close bond, this collaborative effort has resulted in an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful, proving that within a limited space, a shared veranda can be a brilliant idea.

Two individual verandas would have created a clutter of leg posts in this small space, and two separate glass roofs would also have needed to be capped off down the middle to avoid rain dripping between them. This single veranda solution cleverly avoids such issues and places just one leg post into each small courtyard, an important consideration in a small space. The single black drain pipe at the rear is routed down through the glass roof using our special “pipe-through” panel, while the various wall pipes at the sides were entirely avoided for reasons of aesthetic appeal. The decided height at the front was designed to avoid each cottage’s side windows.

At Elegant, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke veranda installations that meet the diverse needs of our many clients. This project was no exception. The shared veranda required careful consideration and execution to ensure it complemented both homes while providing a seamless and elegant outdoor living area. The story of these two neighbours and their shared veranda is a testament to the flexibility of our bespoke installations. If you are inspired by this innovative approach and are considering a glass veranda for your home, contact us today.

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Victorian Glass Veranda in Gloucestershire

We are excited to share our installation of a stunning traditional Victorian glass veranda at a beautiful house in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Our team was tasked with creating a bespoke structure, specially shaped around a ground-floor extension, that complimented the aesthetic appeal of the home and provided ample practical outdoor space.

The veranda was our “Traditional” model, designed in a classic Victorian style, reflecting the ornate charm of that era. What made this project particularly unique was the necessity to shape the glass veranda around a small tiled roof that extended from the main house wall. This required precise measurements and meticulous planning to ensure a perfect fit, maintaining both functionality and visual appeal.

To complement the Cotswold stone of this Gloucester house, the veranda was custom powder-coated in a traditional pale green colour. This choice of colour not only adds to the timeless look, but its hard-baked paint coating also provides a durable and weather-resistant finish, ensuring that the veranda remains beautiful, functional, and maintenance-free for many years to come.

The glass roof of the veranda allows natural light to flood the patio area, creating a bright and inviting outdoor space that can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, the homeowners can now enjoy their garden with the added protection and style provided by their new glass veranda.

At our company, we take pride in delivering high-quality, custom-made solutions that are made for a perfect fit to enhance the beauty and functionality of our clients’ homes. This project in Stroud is a perfect example of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. If you’re considering adding a veranda to your home, we’d love to help you create something truly and uniquely special.


The area before


Veranda during construction


Stroud veranda CAD

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14m Wide Victorian Glass Veranda

Our lovely customers in Hertfordshire, Mr. and Mrs. P, had only recently ‘downsized’ to this fabulous new home, which features a superbly wide patio terrace.

Their initial enquiry was for a three-metre wide or four-metre wide Traditional Glass Veranda to be built in the far left-hand corner of the patio, which by the time we got to meet them had grown to a five-metre wide, or maybe even six-metre wider design.

The client was under no illusion about how beneficial this feature would be on the back of their home, they didn’t want to regret choosing too small a size, and they could see the added benefit of covering both sets of patio doors. Added to that, they soon came to realise the advantage of having further dry walkway access to and from their kitchen door at the far right-hand end of this wide terrace.

Needing no encouragement from us at Elegant, this forward thinking customer opted to span their entire terrace width, ordering a fabulous 14m wide Traditional Victorian Glass Veranda complete with solid bollard bases and ornate Victorian brackets, all in a powder-coated RAL colour to match their windows and doors.

Our Veranda system here is one continuous 14m width, custom CAD designed to fit the house beautifully, and fitted with care by our own in-house team. Once complete, all agreed that it looked like a perfect picture, adding a touch of charm to the property.


Traditional glass veranda during construction.

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A Picture Perfect Veranda

Over the past 17 years at Elegant we’ve had many lovely and talented customers, although not many have surprised us with a painting illustrating them enjoying their new glass veranda.

Heather and Tony Wass in Cambridgeshire were so pleased with their Elegant glass veranda that it inspired Tony to paint a personal thank you card. Tony has always enjoyed art and painting, and having his new veranda he can now get outside more often enjoying the natural light when creating his masterpieces. It also means that whatever the weather they can enjoy another pastime – having a nice glass of wine together on the terrace! A lot of our customers share enjoyment of that hobby and we often receive photographs of such.

But Tony went further getting his easel and colours out. Tony’s delightful artwork illustrates how the new glass veranda has transformed their patio and home life. Tony sent us an A4 folded card featuring one painting of him struggling onto an empty wet patio, with an umbrella, then inside the card was a second painting of himself and Heather seated below glass – and raising a glass. A large caption reads, “WHOOPEE ! And Thanks, the Wasses”.

Our thanks to you Tony we’ll be getting that one framed!

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Glass Veranda in Salisbury

Mrs C. in Salisbury got in touch wanting to upgrade her patio awning to a glass veranda, like her neighbours across the road, but wishing to keep the use of her existing awning too.

Our lady customer in Salisbury had been happy with her sun awning for several years, it had served her well, but it fell short come less clement weather and it didn’t give the permanent cover Mrs. C. now desired. When one of her neighbours benefited from installing a glass veranda Mrs C. realised the way forward and how a veranda could be a better option – awnings are great but can have their limitations during the four seasons of our weather.

We visited her lovely home, and what a fantastic location, her patio enjoyed a close view of the magnificent Salisbury cathedral spire standing 123 meters tall (404 feet) it dominating the landscape since construction in the 14th century. Mrs C. had a beautiful little garden which she enjoyed very much. Green was to be the theme following on from her awning fabric colour and so our Forest Green framework was chosen for the veranda.

One key factor was that Mrs C. wanted to keep her patio awning too, in order not to be wasteful, and in respect of the several years of fine service it had payed. And so our installers, Paul and Luke, free of charge reinstalled the customer’s awning higher up over the glass veranda, to give shade and sun protection whenever required. You can see the awning just visible in the photo above, above the glass. Paul & Luke then also gave her neighbours veranda a full wash and clean in way of a thank you  – such good guys. Thanks.

To achieve something like this for you Contact Us today.

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The Importance of Lifestyle

When choosing a veranda or glass room, at Elegant we’ll discuss with you in detail the technical elements and possibilities. The question is have you thought how you’ll be using it?

Lifestyle – it may be a commonly used word but one you’ve maybe never given much thought to in terms of yourself and your family at home. How you will enjoy your outdoor area needs to be in-keeping with how you live, and just what benefits you want to gain from your new glass veranda. Do you want a cosy area to sit and talk, over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Or do you want a dining space for you or the family to enjoy. Might it be used more daytime or evenings? Or perhaps you are always the host and will be looking to accommodate gatherings?

Whatever the answers think about your layout, the furniture you’ll be adding – be it a sofa, dining table, reclining sun loungers or a seating arrangement. This can affect your ideal size of veranda and design of leg post locations, where fixed glass walls should be and glass door access points. Also have a wander round your adjoining interior rooms thinking about how your new lifestyle could function and the flow through to the outside. To make the most of your outside space you’ll want to incorporate the indoors with the outdoors and also to think about how it will be used through the seasons.

There are so many options and it can all be designed around you. Keeping it simple can offer style and elegance with flexibility of purpose. Arrange an appointment now to find out more, it all starts by requesting a free consultation & quotation.

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Side Screen Added Protection

It’s the new accessory product which has been around for years! Pull out side screens, traditionally used with patio awnings, are proving popular accessories for glass verandas too.

These side awnings for terraces protect you from sun, the breeze and views of your neighbours; so you can enjoy breakfast on your patio better enclosed and undisturbed. Elegant glass rooms can be fitted with powered vertical screens, meaning that these simpler devices would not be applicable, but for veranda roofs (structures without glass sides) a pull-out side screen can further develop your outdoor space creating more of an outdoor room. That feeling of bringing indoors outdoors!

Waterproof and tear resistant, the hard wearing high density fabric resists sun fading, mould and mildew. It is pulled out manually by hand, with sizes up to 3.5 meters, latching onto its own ground post or the veranda leg post. Both types of mounting are highly stable. A spring loaded auto-winding mechanism makes it easy to retract away when not in use, rolling into a wall mounted weatherproof cassette. Please do ask about sizes and fabric options.

We have these in stock now ready for fitting.