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Veranda Door Canopy Hampshire - Elegant Glass Verandas
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Veranda Door Canopy Hampshire

What a fascinating idea! A glass veranda as a front door canopy would make a stunning architectural feature, bringing in natural light and in a design that complements this customer’s Crittall Windows style doorway.

Our customers in Hampshire, Mr. and Mrs. HB, initially enquired about having a traditional-style Victorian glass veranda across their rear terrace. Upon visiting them to advise and measure, Mr. HB had the inspired notion to consider our aluminium veranda products for creating a stylish front door canopy. This Hampshire home had been fitted with Crittall windows style glass doors, and most front door canopies the customer had looked at would have either darkened the hallway or seemed inappropriate by design.

With a range of veranda roof models to choose from, at Elegant we can often put forward a design style not seen elsewhere, and sure enough, the perfect option existed. Our Midi veranda model has a design perfectly in keeping with Mr. and Mrs. HB’s modernistic doors, and so finally they could lend much-needed shelter to their front door entrance while adding to and even enhancing their contemporary aesthetic. Therefore, what started as an outdoor living project for their rear patio now became an opportunity to resolve two projects to the house front and back!

The new Veranda canopy forms the perfect addition to the entrance of this Hampshire home. Its glass panels mirror the three columns of glazing in the front door unit, blending seamlessly with the Crittall window style design. It serves wonderfully as a glass door canopy, welcoming guests into the abode while protecting the front step from wet weather. It creates a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors while still allowing light to flood in through the windows, into the hallway within.

Well done, Mr. HB! And well done, Elegant Glass Verandas.

Crittall Windows is an English manufacturer of steel-framed windows and glass doors. Its products have been used in thousands of buildings across the UK, including the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. The style is particularly associated with the Art Deco of early 20th-century architecture, and it is enjoying resurging popularity in architecture today.


The font doorway before

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Glass Veranda in Bath, Somerset

Mr. W. spotted one of our glass verandas in Bath, Somerset, fitted to the home of his daughter’s neighbour. After seeing the glass veranda, he decided to enquire about one for his daughter. The result was fantastic.

The veranda was to be generously 6m wide, with a 5m outward reach, and to include accessory extras. Mr. W. wanted it to have spotlights for the evenings, twin quartz heaters, an under-glass shade awning, all via remote control, and a partial side glass wall to block the breeze. Our glass veranda installations are designed to provide elegant outdoor spaces for individuals and families across the south of the UK. When this particular customer saw the beautiful veranda we had installed for his daughter’s neighbour, inspiration struck, and he knew he wanted to add something similarly fabulous for his own daughter.

The outcome is not only a stunning addition to this impressive Bath property but also a practical and elegant outdoor space where his daughter and family could relax and enjoy the fresh air. The family was so thrilled with the results that the father decided to commission two more verandas from us, one for himself and his wife, and another for his other daughter. It’s stories like these that highlight the joy and satisfaction our installations bring. Our Elegant verandas are more than just a home improvement; they are a lifestyle enhancement, providing a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your outdoor space with our Elegant veranda solutions.

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Veranda Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can make a wonderful feature of the garden, Mr. and Mrs. V asked us at Elegant to install their second glass veranda for exactly that purpose.

In 2022, Mr. and Mrs. V had a glass veranda from us complete with an over-glass sun awning. They loved the veranda so much that they asked us to add another veranda recently to create a stylish outdoor kitchen. This area was to be side-cladded in wood and fitted with our fixed side glazing, forming a glass wall screen to the front.

So impressed with their first Elegant glass veranda, our customer wanted to further enhance their outdoor space. The new glass roof was installed over a raised corner of their garden, creating a chic and functional outdoor kitchen. The customer took on the kitchen project themselves, designing and building the outdoor kitchen layout by hand. The outdoor kitchen certainly looks like a picture; in the photograph above, you can just catch the corner of their first veranda from us in a light grey powder-coated colour. The raised runners of their over-glass sun awning can also be seen supported above the earlier veranda roof.

If you are inspired by Mr. and Mrs. V’s experience and are considering a glass veranda for your home, contact Elegant today. Let us help you transform your outdoor space with your ideas, creating a bespoke home addition that you will love for years to come. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your new veranda will be a beautiful and enduring part of your home.

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Autumnal Veranda

The Autumn weather is well and truly upon us, with our Indian summer heatwave gone, leaving us retreating indoors starting to think about switching on the heating !

However, for many of our customers with a glass veranda, outdoor living can continue throughout the seasons. It’s now widely known that our well-being can be hugely influenced and enhanced by natural sunlight and being outdoors. So, what better way to give yourself a shot of mood boosting energy, than to spend more time outside in your garden well into the Autumn months.

This year we’ve been thrilled to have customers come back to us, looking to enhance their existing verandas, and enjoy more outdoor living, with the additions of fixed glass sides, sliding doors, lights, under-glass awnings etc Although each of our verandas are built to a bespoke design, the modular product allows us to make these additions at any point in the future, helping people to have a variety of uses for their glass veranda.

So, why wait for the Spring, when it’s possible to love the outdoors no matter what the weather with one of our beautiful Glass Verandas ?

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Spring! Our Favourite Time of Year

I’m not sure how others feel but on a personal note, I always feel like I’m coming out of hibernation when the longer days arrive.

The joy when the clocks jump forward an hour, giving us those longer, and hopefully, warmer days to enjoy outside. It’s often a time when people start to make plans, whether that’s for summer holidays, days out, or new ideas for their home. We have some beautiful options available to extend your outside living into the summer months.

Customers are starting to call us to inquire about potentially putting a glass veranda on the back, side, front of their house, creating that perfect space for summer social gatherings. We have amazing suppliers that are continuing to send products to us efficiently and on time, giving us security to our customers for lead times of just 6-8 weeks !

So, with the daffodils in full bloom, we look forward to meeting our customers in dryer, sunnier conditions to measure up for their bespoke glass veranda.

I’m off to find my sunglasses…..

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Indoor Hot Tub Glass Room

With Autumn fast approaching, let’s look at some of the lifestyle ideas of how an Elegant Glass Room can help make continued enjoyment of your outdoor space throughout winter.

At Elegant we’ve noticed more and more customers looking to use their covered space in creative and practical ways, including a growing demand for incorporating hot tubs, fitness equipment, telescopes and even pizza ovens. Especially during lock-down, many customers have looked beyond the obvious Alfresco dining possibilities of Verandas and Glass Rooms, to create a multi-use home environment – one which satisfies many purposes improving leisure time at home.

While a rigid ‘Jacuzzi’ style hot tub requires substantial installation, inflatable mini-spa’s can provide the same temperatures of water and are easier to incorporate into existing Glass Rooms. The model shown in our photo is a Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki, which has a unique thin-wall design, large 1120L capacity, 180 bubble jets and Freeze Shield™ technology for use all year. At around £600 – £700 Helsinki is among the higher costing options, but various home stores can be found selling other inflatable models at almost half that price.

Our example shown above sits on a composite decking floor, which has been suitably reinforced for the weight of water. Turning this stunning glass room into a wintergarden spa gives more options for how the terrace can be enjoyed out of summer, relaxing in hot spring luxury, comfortably protected from wind and rain behind glass. Inflatable spa’s can easily be relocated, or even packed away for periods, allowing your outdoor space to stay flexible – ‘ringing the changes’ to keep life at home interesting.

Contact us to find out more about achieving this for your home, at Elegant we have a wealth of experience and advice we can offer building this option into your glass room lifestyle.

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Not Just For Summer

The glorious weather we experienced in the UK early this year took us all a little by surprise, the “summer months” of July and August can become less relevant once February hits 70°!

Lets face it, consistent and good weather cannot be relied upon in this country. I suspect that when the sun shone in winter early this year people were not “garden ready” with lawns needing mowing and patio furniture packed away in the shed. The outdoor leisure, enjoyment and entertaining that could have taken place perhaps didn’t and with this in mind it poses the question – can you have an “always ready” garden area?

An always ready garden may be a little unrealistic as grass will need cutting and plants will need tending and are seasonal. However, it is both advantageous and entirely possible to have an outdoor space that is not just for summer, an area of the garden that is protected and always ready. With a glass veranda from Elegant you can enjoy your patio all year round, and when that Indian summer or January heatwave visits you can be ready for entertaining Al-fresco at a moments notice.

We all know that fresh air is good for you and good for your state of mind, so why restrict yourself to only enjoying it in summer?

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Outdoor Home Bar

When laying out your veranda or glass room area there’ll doubtless be a little corner somewhere for an outdoor bar, and it needn’t be extravagant to make an enjoyable home addition.

A night out on the town can be fun, for sure, but there’s room too for a touch of bar hopping at your own “inside outside club” at home, and what could be more relaxing or better for entertaining. Allocating a small space of your big outdoors for a modest bar top needn’t cost the earth either, with simple options widely available from the likes of Amazon and other online providers. Indeed the basic bar top in our photo above was just £59 delivered.

A counter top at bar level (typically 1m high) makes a gathering point at parties and an ideal sipping station during quiet evenings in. Accessorize with bar towels, a tray, even your own sign, and if you don’t like it “standing room only” then add a couple of bar stools! With your well stocked cabinet just a step away indoors you could have something to rival the local or make a starting point before heading out – turning your outdoor space to further enjoyable advantage.

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Outdoor Interior Design

“An Englishman’s home is his castle”. Albeit a slight move away from it’s original meaning this phrase is so true in so many ways. An Englishman’s home is indeed his castle. Or hers.

It is a very British desire within the home to constantly improve, even strive for perfection. With well being and mindfulness being such a huge part of today’s society, the impact that this has on homeowners is to strive for stylish, clean and elegant living spaces, environments which encourage relaxation and family togetherness. The same is true of the outdoor space for a home, with outdoor living growing rapidly in popularity playing an increasingly key role.

Whilst the English weather can put pay to enjoying the garden there are now numerous ways to incorporate the outdoors, indoors. With a Glass Veranda from Elegant this vision becomes a reality – from a simple roof structure to a fully enclosed glass room, Elegant can provide the perfect area with a touch of escapism.

Designed and built to your own specific requirements and specification, our verandas can provide the perfect addition to your property and lifestyle!

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Interior Meets Exterior

With the British weather being as unpredictable as always, outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Protection with style and real creature comfort.

Creating a dedicated area with comfy furniture, colourful cushions and outdoor dining facility is all part of making such a space an extension of indoors, styling it with personal flair letting your imagination run riot. Why not think about adding lighting, heating or sun blinds to accessorise the room and further protect from the elements – be it sunshine or rain!

Alfresco drinking, dining and entertaining continues being a rising fashion in 2019 – you may have noticed many restaurants and drinking establishments are also following this trend. With a glass veranda from Elegant you can create your own perfect space,  for entertaining or relaxing, enjoying a stylish, low maintenance and stress free environment that can be used all year round and is bound to impress your guests.

Contact Elegant today!