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Heading Toward The Holidays

2021 is almost through. The glass veranda market boomed once again this year, the result of continued travel restrictions with Brits making the best of their terrace at home.

This year has seen other effects of Covid too, including supply issues and rising material costs. Delivery schedules have been affected and manufacturer staffing has continued to suffer interruptions. That said, the continued growth in demand for outdoor living products has been good news for our industry – in what has seemed dark days, we’ve seen an increase in glass room sales (even higher than verandas) and optimism for 2022 is high across the sector.

2022 is forecast to bring multiple material price increases, including glass and aluminium, and so the advice right now is to jump in before summer 2022 when retail prices are expected to rise. This will push up demand in the earlier part of next year for which we have planned ahead ordering additional stock and planning for overtime hours throughout the spring. Covid is still around but 2022 is looking positive for us all. At Elegant we have risen to the challenge, the outdoor living market continues to grow, we have done everything we can to meet demand, maximise supply, maintain quality and to bring good service.

May we thank our suppliers and customers for their support and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Covid Free New Year.

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Moving With The Times @Warren_Farm

After 15 years of working from Matthews Green Farm, we are now upgrading our facilities moving to Wokingham’s expanding Warren Farm commercial area.

Yes, at Elegant Glass Verandas we can see that our new location is a clear upgrade on the last, although we’ll miss being at Matthews Green we are delighted with this relocation – and with it being just a mile away! The Long Barn on the nearby Warren Farm development here in Wokingham, Berkshire, provides everything that our growing business needs. This new facility gives us more storage, better access, and more offloading space for deliveries.

We now understand why it’s named Warren Farm too, the approach makes for an interesting drive with rabbits aplenty at dawn and dusk. Wonderful.

Here’s to a long and happy stay!

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UK Atomic Energy Authority

The government UKAEA selected us at Elegant to provide this impressive 19m wide x 5m veranda system, for their kitchen restaurant courtyard at Culham science centre, Oxfordshire.

Meeting up with us in early Spring, design for this substantial glass roof system was to form a major part of the makeover planned for their kitchen courtyard, improving the outdoor environment for staff at Culham. Technical obstacles included how the glass veranda could not be fixed directly to the building, this due to the office construction of cladding and aluminium window frames. Instead, a free-standing support frame was to be concreted deep into the ground, supporting this veranda off the building at its rear. For product info see Custom Brackets.

All of the staff here at Elegant Glass Verandas passed stringent security checks to gain passes onto the high security government site. The UKAEA also has excellent codes for workplace safety, something which all contributing companies and contractors must be able to demonstrate and strictly follow. Elegant Glass Verandas were chosen for our professional reputation and our ability to meet their high standards. We completed this project in July 2021, on schedule, on budget, and meeting full commercial health and safety protocols.

The UKAEA at Culham researches fusion energy and its related technologies, with the aim of positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy. Fusion, the process that powers the Sun, can play a big part in our low-carbon energy future. UKAEA scientists and engineers work with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of sustainable energy, for tomorrow’s power stations.

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Time To Get Back On Typing!

Covid lockdown had our blog writing as ‘non-essential’, from April 2020 the Glass Veranda market fell initially quiet followed by a surprising increase in interest and business!

Yes, Covid caused a gap in our news publishing but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t keeping busy. Spring 2020 gave some apprehension, it had us initially concerned for business, but then came the phone calls. We all know how Glass Veranda or Glass Garden Room makes a great outdoor improvement, it adds new options for how you can enjoy your time at home, and with householders working more from home it seems there has never been a better time to buy.

At Elegant we too practised working from home in lock down. In the early days we learnt much about Zoom, and using WhatsApp social media – helping customers with information without always having to visit. During social distancing, at a time of masks, sanitiser and gloves, lockdown taught our industry new working practises – it altered the structure of how businesses operated, introduced new ways in some departments and temporarily put other aspects aside. Our news blog fell into the non-essential category… but we are delighted to say it is back!

With some exciting new products we look forward to once again keeping you informed, publishing all that’s new in our Glass Veranda world and sharing what we’ve been doing.

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Covid 19 Policy Update

Covid 19 Policy

August 2020 update

Inline with guidance from government we maintain our consultation and sales service on an adjusted basis. You can enquire and can benefit getting our products, requesting service from this website our team will contact you asking how you would like to proceed.

  • Manufacturing and Construction are fully reopened, our supply and installation facilities are fully in action.
  • Home visits remain conducted in a safe manner, our staff maintain social distance and keep a face covering and sanitiser.
  • Much of our service is conducted outdoors on the patio making fresh air social distancing easily available.
  • Please note that we cannot visit people with symptoms of the virus or those testing positive.
  • We check temperatures daily and continue to follow guidance from Public Health England.

For those with symptoms our team can advise by telephone and a future provisional appointment can be booked. We can also achieve much by email (a photo of your patio area can help) and we interact well over Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp.

We are open, please don’t hesitate to call us on FREEPHONE 0800 0787 247

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Did You See Us in The Times?

Did you see us in The Saturday Times? March 21. The Homes and Interiors section in The Times is always an interesting read, showcasing quality products and the companies behind them.

Over the years we’ve occasionally advertised in national publications, we rarely do now because we get so much work through word of mouth and recommendation, but now and then we like to appear in the quality press – reminding the world that Elegant are a key player. Featuring two attractive installations and some easy reading text copy the advertorial article brought a terrific response over the weekend and we’ve been busily mailing out the brochures since!

The Times is a British institution. It began in 1785 as “The Daily Universal Register”, adopting its current name later in January 1788. It is the first newspaper to have borne that name – lending it to numerous other papers around the world such as The New York Times.

For those who missed our advertorial feature you can catch it here… TheTimes.pdf


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New Glaslux Glass Room System

With 2020 here we are delighted to announce another line to our product portfolio; the Glaslux glass room system with contemporary square leg posts offering a clean angular design.

At Elegant we’ve been installing quality glass rooms for years, and Glaslux now makes another string to our bow. Achieving up to 6m wide spans with only two legs Glaslux is well made and offers everything you need. Options include our new “Roller-Track” sliding glass door system, or fixed side glass walls, spotlights, internal roof blinds – in the form of the new “Concertina” folding shade system, or external shade from the optional over-roof mounted awning via remote control. A range of framework colours will be available and there will be discount for orders in our two most popular colours, “White 9016” and “Anthracite Grey 7016” which will be pre-stocked to maximise value.

We’ll be launching Glaslux in early Spring, leading with three set-size packages giving maximum discount at launch. These are likely to be a 4 x 3m, a 5 x 3.5m, and a 6 x 3m all with sliding glass doors and fixed side wall options. All of these packages feature no middle leg, this allowing a clear unhindered view of the garden with no obstacle from a central support. That said, a third leg option is available for those preferring their front doors closing to a post in the middle.

We expect having this available toward April, watch this space for more come Spring!

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Trends In Outdoor Living

Helping homeowners to make the most of their outdoor living space we look at where we have come from and where this so very popular UK patio roof market all began.

Ten years ago, at Elegant we were promoting glass verandas (back then a new product concept) with only a few customers opting for the full glass room. Trends change and while verandas have continued to grow in popularity we’ve seen the garden glass room market growing fast, catching up. As outdoor living continues to evolve I’d like to share a few highlights from my observations over time. But first, our credentials, that I can speak with at least some authority…

Elegant have been around from the beginning. Any firm can easily ‘claim’ experience or history with a product, within a market, but the Internet Archive (the “WayBack Machine”) will readily spill the beans! Paste our address www.glass-verandas.co.uk into the search box at https://web.archive.org and you’ll see our old website from March 2009. We started on the veranda concept back in 2008 and launched our site by the following spring. Back then we were on http: not https:, but typing the www. of any company will quickly pull their web history for all to see – albeit not perfectly working as it did. Simply select a year, and click the coloured dots, to view any website at that date – instantly proving length of service and showing what products were offered at that time. It even stores old sites which no longer exist.

Looking at our website from a decade ago I see that our glass verandas aplenty but I see that glass rooms didn’t feature much in those very early days. The built-in sun awning option, and spotlights, were the only two accessories that we offered (or promoted), and while side-screens get a small mention, it appears that any side glazing or sliding glass doors feature only in two small photos – very bottom of the Gallery. How things have changed! Gradually, some customers asked for a side glass wall, to block the breeze, or to help further enclose their space. Over time such requests grew, followed by customers wanting to add front doors, and hence our Glass Rooms market took shape! We added a page “glass rooms” to our website in 2010, helping to spearhead the modern movement, and today I can say that Glass Rooms equal our Veranda enquiries.

Uncertain of how to label this room product, at first I wanted to call it a “Patio Solarium”. This looked good to me until (once again) a genius named Greg showed the way, the term “Glass Rooms” sticking. Delightfully, the only still-existing original rival I can think of, a firm whom along with us at Elegant helped the Glass Verandas to market in those early days (a long standing company covering nationwide) I note that for a year prior to 2009 they were marketing glass veranda products as Smoking Shelters!

I say that not to mock, not in any way. Fact is in those early days we few pioneers didn’t know what to call any of it… and we knew nothing of how popular it would all become!

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Farewell 2017, a good year

2017 made another great year for us at Elegant, adding many happy customers to our extensive portfolio while receiving more delighted client reviews after glass veranda or garden room installations.

There can be a cynical disbelief of testimonials, purported evidence of satisfaction or esteem provided by a company free to write what they will! I understand the doubt, I’ve experienced it reading brochures myself, so perhaps when quoting great customer remarks from our work sign-offs this year I might just as well use invisible ink. Or perhaps not. People read between lines I think and we all have a nose for unfeigned sincerity. I can honestly say that I’ve never invented a testimonial in my life, some must be abridged, but if you provide good service with a good product, and if you keep your promises, then you just don’t need to invent comments.

To this end, as a company we always append with the afternote “original copies available upon request”.


Here’s to 2017, just some of our feedback received…

The “A” Team, what an apt name for your fitters Paul & Lee. Quality of product, service and installation couldn’t be faulted. R. Matthews.

Veranda is truly fantastic! Amazing guys fitting an Amazing product. P. Brady.

Exemplary service with our glass veranda end to end. J. Atkinson-Weller.

Perfect!! M. Wicks

Very pleased with the glass veranda – your fitters were very professional, tidy and polite. Great job! M. Castle.

A very good job of our glass veranda, helpful workmen who were a pleasure to have at our home. G. Kennion.

The installation of my glass room was done very efficiently, very pleased with the quality and look and attention to detail. J. Edwards.

Brilliant – the guys were very pleasant and efficient. C. Stirling.

Couldn’t fault any aspect of this experience, staff were helpful and certainly knew their stuff and we were kept informed at all times. L. Fisher.

Very nice job of the veranda. Good product, good team, good firm. I. West.

Your fitters were quite excellent in every way. P. Jackson.

I am so pleased with the finished glass veranda, thank you. Paul and Lee worked so hard to a very high standard. They were courteous, friendly and professional at all times, a credit to your company. L. Baker.

Fantastic veranda, fantastic work. S. Ormston.

Excellent service, very friendly and professional team. Extremely happy with the finished glass veranda, our new extension fits it seamlessly, would definitely recommend. L. Gilmore.

Excellent job of our veranda thanks. P. Stratford.


Original copies available upon request.

Find more… Testimonials

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Turning Corners, Turning Heads

Making an impact around the country our well equipped fitting vans now vividly promote modern outdoor living – with impressive graphic signage showcasing a full garden veranda across the sides.

Displaying a huge Glass Veranda left and right, and listing our Garden Glass Rooms at the rear, vinyl wrapping now follows every contour of our fitting vehicles – indeed customers could be forgiven for thinking that their veranda has arrived fully built on the driveway! Signwriting can be good for business and shows commitment. According to statistics, a busy vehicle can be seen by as many as 3,000 people per hour, but equally it’s the message of professional dedication that signage puts across. In short, a “business does what it say’s on the van”.

I once had my house gutters and fascia’s replaced and was preoccupied from the start seeing contractors arrive in a garden fencing truck. Pulling up, I thought (or rather I hoped) that they’d found the wrong address. I’m not alone either, in a survey by a well known leasing firm, 59% of respondents said that seeing a professional identity on a vehicle gave them confidence in the quality of work to be done, increasing to 74% with younger customers.

At Elegant we wanted our professional roadside image to reflect dedication to the product and show our high quality installation work. Keep it simple, they say, customers want to see your Brand Name, Telephone and Website and we worked on two versions of a design that respects this simplicity while slipping “Outdoor Living” into the message. Finally, “www.elegant.mx” is simply a shorter url linking to this website here – making eyeballed contact as easy as possible.

We hope audiences enjoy our giant veranda graphic. For the bigger picture, get a quote… [Arrange a Quotation]