Time To Get Back On Typing!

Covid lockdown had our blog writing as ‘non-essential’, from April 2020 the Glass Veranda market fell initially quiet followed by a surprising increase in interest and business!

Yes, Covid caused a gap in our news publishing but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t keeping busy. Spring 2020 gave some apprehension, it had us initially concerned for business, but then came the phone calls. We all know how Glass Veranda or Glass Garden Room makes a great outdoor improvement, it adds new options for how you can enjoy your time at home, and with householders working more from home it seems there has never been a better time to buy.

At Elegant we too practised working from home in lock down. In the early days we learnt much about Zoom, and using WhatsApp social media – helping customers with information without always having to visit. During social distancing, at a time of masks, sanitiser and gloves, lockdown taught our industry new working practises – it altered the structure of how businesses operated, introduced new ways in some departments and temporarily put other aspects aside. Our news blog fell into the non-essential category… but we are delighted to say it is back!

With some exciting new products we look forward to once again keeping you informed, publishing all that’s new in our Glass Veranda world and sharing what we’ve been doing.