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Time To Get Back On Typing!

Covid lockdown had our blog writing as ‘non-essential’, from April 2020 the Glass Veranda market fell initially quiet followed by a surprising increase in interest and business!

Yes, Covid caused a gap in our news publishing but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t keeping busy. Spring 2020 gave some apprehension, it had us initially concerned for business, but then came the phone calls. We all know how Glass Veranda or Glass Garden Room makes a great outdoor improvement, it adds new options for how you can enjoy your time at home, and with householders working more from home it seems there has never been a better time to buy.

At Elegant we too practised working from home in lock down. In the early days we learnt much about Zoom, and using WhatsApp social media – helping customers with information without always having to visit. During social distancing, at a time of masks, sanitiser and gloves, lockdown taught our industry new working practises – it altered the structure of how businesses operated, introduced new ways in some departments and temporarily put other aspects aside. Our news blog fell into the non-essential category… but we are delighted to say it is back!

With some exciting new products we look forward to once again keeping you informed, publishing all that’s new in our Glass Veranda world and sharing what we’ve been doing.

News Blog

Covid 19 Policy Update

Covid 19 Policy

August 2020 update

Inline with guidance from government we maintain our consultation and sales service on an adjusted basis. You can enquire and can benefit getting our products, requesting service from this website our team will contact you asking how you would like to proceed.

  • Manufacturing and Construction are fully reopened, our supply and installation facilities are fully in action.
  • Home visits remain conducted in a safe manner, our staff maintain social distance and keep a face covering and sanitiser.
  • Much of our service is conducted outdoors on the patio making fresh air social distancing easily available.
  • Please note that we cannot visit people with symptoms of the virus or those testing positive.
  • We check temperatures daily and continue to follow guidance from Public Health England.

For those with symptoms our team can advise by telephone and a future provisional appointment can be booked. We can also achieve much by email (a photo of your patio area can help) and we interact well over Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp.

We are open, please don’t hesitate to call us on FREEPHONE 0800 0787 247

News Blog

New Glaslux Glass Room Info

Our latest glass room system is launched and looking good, with contemporary square leg posts and clean angular design our new Glaslux model is well made giving everything you need.

2020 sees this fabulous product added to our portfolio as a quality mid range offering. Glaslux glass room system is well engineered and capable of impressive 12m widths, with up to 4m outward projection sizes. With modern angular design, premium features include hidden rain drainage (piped down inside the legs) and a choice of angled or curved front support profiles. In our line up of quality offerings, the new Glaslux sits between our Glasdach or Moderna premium models and our Midi high value system. Glaslux gives you dependable quality with full features:

  • Contemporary angular design.
  • Custom made to order, to size.
  • High-grade extruded aluminium.
  • Premium powder-coated finish.
  • 10 framework colours.
  • Internal hidden rain drainage.
  • Up to 12m width (spanning the grandest terrace).
  • Up to 4m generous outward projection size.
  • Modular design it can be added to later.
  • Optional remote control spotlights.
  • Optional quartz infra-red heating.
  • Optional vertical zip screens.
  • Options on internal sun blinds.
  • Options on external sun awning.
  • Options on “Framed” side glazing.
  • Options on “Frameless” side glazing.
  • Options on sliding-doors side glazing.
  • Premium “Roller-Track” glass door system.
  • Draught excluder brush strips for door edges.


The Roller-Track glass door system is a quality door set with easy-glide movement, stainless steel wheels and bearings, sturdy aluminium floor track and stainless steel cup handles built into the glass. Made to order up to 6m wide with custom door heights up to 2.5m. The door edges can have optional draught excluder strips for the winter season. Get a personalised quote.

Frameless side glazing offers a clear open view unhindered by mullion framework. The focal point of the eyes no longer stalls at any central framework but instead travels beyond the glass, coming to rest on scenery down your garden. Frameless glass sides can give a real sense of being outdoors, the feeling that you are virtually in the garden.

For more information enquire today or request a brochure. 

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Did You See Us in The Times?

Did you see us in The Saturday Times? March 21. The Homes and Interiors section in The Times is always an interesting read, showcasing quality products and the companies behind them.

Over the years we’ve occasionally advertised in national publications, we rarely do now because we get so much work through word of mouth and recommendation, but now and then we like to appear in the quality press – reminding the world that Elegant are a key player. Featuring two attractive installations and some easy reading text copy the advertorial article brought a terrific response over the weekend and we’ve been busily mailing out the brochures since!

The Times is a British institution. It began in 1785 as “The Daily Universal Register”, adopting its current name later in January 1788. It is the first newspaper to have borne that name – lending it to numerous other papers around the world such as The New York Times.

For those who missed our advertorial feature you can catch it here… TheTimes.pdf


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Milo, Yogi, Craggs & Crufts

Recently we were in Buckinghamshire helping Andrew & Naomi Cragg with a glass veranda. Australian they both love being outdoors, and now living in England they wanted a covered area.

Not long having been in England, both Andrew and Naomi were keen for a protected barbecue terrace. During the course of proceedings at their home they asked if dogs were a problem, that they had two shut away in a room, and so two energetic hounds came bounding out into the garden. Instantly we realised that their two dogs were the same breed as our dog, Milo (in the photo above), a Hungarian Vizsla. Naomi asked where we had got our dog from and so we told of our breeder in Cumbria – whom it seemed Naomi knew of immediately.

Naomi then explained that Milo’s father was a dog called Yogi, real certificated name “Hungargunn Bear It’n Mind”, and that he was the winner of Crufts in 2010. Asked how on Earth she could know this Naomi announced that her dog had in fact been our dogs father – from Australia! Naomi had bred him in Sydney 2004, Yogi had won lots of shows, he’d come to England at 5 years of age winning his crowning glory at Crufts, and from Australia they’d bred him worldwide – including with our breeder up in Cumbria.

What a small world! Andrew and Naomi are loving their glass veranda and we wish them and the dogs many happy evenings outdoors.


Hungarian Vizsla
These aristocratic red-coated thoroughbreds are rugged yet elegant athletes. Third or fourth fastest dog on the planet Vizslas can run at 40mph with boundless energy, they make good gun dogs and exhausting pets! By nature Vizslas are lively, gentle-mannered, affectionate and sensitive, they are loyal and possess a well-developed protective instinct. Created in Hungary to work as a pointer and retriever Vizslas were known as the “Gift of Kings” as breeding was restricted to Nobility in the Greater Hungarian Kingdom. The first written reference of the breed dates back to 1357 in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared for King Louis I of Hungary.

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New Glaslux Glass Room System

With 2020 here we are delighted to announce another line to our product portfolio; the Glaslux glass room system with contemporary square leg posts offering a clean angular design.

At Elegant we’ve been installing quality glass rooms for years, and Glaslux now makes another string to our bow. Achieving up to 6m wide spans with only two legs Glaslux is well made and offers everything you need. Options include our new “Roller-Track” sliding glass door system, or fixed side glass walls, spotlights, internal roof blinds – in the form of the new “Concertina” folding shade system, or external shade from the optional over-roof mounted awning via remote control. A range of framework colours will be available and there will be discount for orders in our two most popular colours, “White 9016” and “Anthracite Grey 7016” which will be pre-stocked to maximise value.

We’ll be launching Glaslux in early Spring, leading with three set-size packages giving maximum discount at launch. These are likely to be a 4 x 3m, a 5 x 3.5m, and a 6 x 3m all with sliding glass doors and fixed side wall options. All of these packages feature no middle leg, this allowing a clear unhindered view of the garden with no obstacle from a central support. That said, a third leg option is available for those preferring their front doors closing to a post in the middle.

We expect having this available toward April, watch this space for more come Spring!

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Not Just For Summer

The glorious weather we experienced in the UK early this year took us all a little by surprise, the “summer months” of July and August can become less relevant once February hits 70°!

Lets face it, consistent and good weather cannot be relied upon in this country. I suspect that when the sun shone in winter early this year people were not “garden ready” with lawns needing mowing and patio furniture packed away in the shed. The outdoor leisure, enjoyment and entertaining that could have taken place perhaps didn’t and with this in mind it poses the question – can you have an “always ready” garden area?

An always ready garden may be a little unrealistic as grass will need cutting and plants will need tending and are seasonal. However, it is both advantageous and entirely possible to have an outdoor space that is not just for summer, an area of the garden that is protected and always ready. With a glass veranda from Elegant you can enjoy your patio all year round, and when that Indian summer or January heatwave visits you can be ready for entertaining Al-fresco at a moments notice.

We all know that fresh air is good for you and good for your state of mind, so why restrict yourself to only enjoying it in summer?

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A Picture Perfect Veranda

Over the past 17 years at Elegant we’ve had many lovely and talented customers, although not many have surprised us with a painting illustrating them enjoying their new glass veranda.

Heather and Tony Wass in Cambridgeshire were so pleased with their Elegant glass veranda that it inspired Tony to paint a personal thank you card. Tony has always enjoyed art and painting, and having his new veranda he can now get outside more often enjoying the natural light when creating his masterpieces. It also means that whatever the weather they can enjoy another pastime – having a nice glass of wine together on the terrace! A lot of our customers share enjoyment of that hobby and we often receive photographs of such.

But Tony went further getting his easel and colours out. Tony’s delightful artwork illustrates how the new glass veranda has transformed their patio and home life. Tony sent us an A4 folded card featuring one painting of him struggling onto an empty wet patio, with an umbrella, then inside the card was a second painting of himself and Heather seated below glass – and raising a glass. A large caption reads, “WHOOPEE ! And Thanks, the Wasses”.

Our thanks to you Tony we’ll be getting that one framed!

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Glass Veranda in Salisbury

Mrs C. in Salisbury got in touch wanting to upgrade her patio awning to a glass veranda, like her neighbours across the road, but wishing to keep the use of her existing awning too.

Our lady customer in Salisbury had been happy with her sun awning for several years, it had served her well, but it fell short come less clement weather and it didn’t give the permanent cover Mrs. C. now desired. When one of her neighbours benefited from installing a glass veranda Mrs C. realised the way forward and how a veranda could be a better option – awnings are great but can have their limitations during the four seasons of our weather.

We visited her lovely home, and what a fantastic location, her patio enjoyed a close view of the magnificent Salisbury cathedral spire standing 123 meters tall (404 feet) it dominating the landscape since construction in the 14th century. Mrs C. had a beautiful little garden which she enjoyed very much. Green was to be the theme following on from her awning fabric colour and so our Forest Green framework was chosen for the veranda.

One key factor was that Mrs C. wanted to keep her patio awning too, in order not to be wasteful, and in respect of the several years of fine service it had payed. And so our installers, Paul and Luke, free of charge reinstalled the customer’s awning higher up over the glass veranda, to give shade and sun protection whenever required. You can see the awning just visible in the photo above, above the glass. Paul & Luke then also gave her neighbours veranda a full wash and clean in way of a thank you  – such good guys. Thanks.

To achieve something like this for you Contact Us today.

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The Importance of Lifestyle

When choosing a veranda or glass room, at Elegant we’ll discuss with you in detail the technical elements and possibilities. The question is have you thought how you’ll be using it?

Lifestyle – it may be a commonly used word but one you’ve maybe never given much thought to in terms of yourself and your family at home. How you will enjoy your outdoor area needs to be in-keeping with how you live, and just what benefits you want to gain from your new glass veranda. Do you want a cosy area to sit and talk, over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Or do you want a dining space for you or the family to enjoy. Might it be used more daytime or evenings? Or perhaps you are always the host and will be looking to accommodate gatherings?

Whatever the answers think about your layout, the furniture you’ll be adding – be it a sofa, dining table, reclining sun loungers or a seating arrangement. This can affect your ideal size of veranda and design of leg post locations, where fixed glass walls should be and glass door access points. Also have a wander round your adjoining interior rooms thinking about how your new lifestyle could function and the flow through to the outside. To make the most of your outside space you’ll want to incorporate the indoors with the outdoors and also to think about how it will be used through the seasons.

There are so many options and it can all be designed around you. Keeping it simple can offer style and elegance with flexibility of purpose. Arrange an appointment now to find out more, it all starts by requesting a free consultation & quotation.