Installed More Than Once!

Our client from 2017 in Oxfordshire was thrilled with the result installing a large glass veranda in a contemporary grey-black. However this was not the end of the tale.

This particular glass veranda stretched across the back of the house, some 11.5m wide, and came outward to a projection of 3.5m. Several years passed by and the plans for their house changed, with the clients looking to build an extension at the back, over the space occupied by their glass veranda.

So, they approached us to see what could be done with the existing veranda. We came up with a plan to dismantle the existing veranda and store the glass, the frame and all the profiles. Our team carefully carried out a very precise plan to remove the glass veranda, secure it carefully transporting it to a garage for safe keeping, where it could hibernate whilst the house had a large extension built.

Once the house building work was completed our team returned to reinstall the veranda (complete with its original tinted glass and all of its many parts) back to the extended house, attaching it to the newly constructed wall and to a perfection in which no-one would imagine it had ever been moved. It is testament to the quality of our product that, after years of use and then reinstallation, it polished up like brand new!

Our clients were thrilled to have our trusted company look after this project for them, with ‘kid gloves’, seeing it reinstated to the exact specifications and standards of its original build.