Glass Veranda to a Glass Room in Hertfordshire

Glass Veranda Installed for Client in Hertfordshire later transformed into a Glass Room

Previously this client had used a canvas gazebo (evident in the pictures and movie, also seen later down the garden) but they were now keen to invest in a permanent outdoor facility giving complete rain protection. Prior to contacting Elegant Glass Verandas they’d initially been interested in a louvred patio roof product, seeing one at a garden show (and had even paid a small deposit) but in the days after considered that a glass structure would better suit their needs.

Originally, the remit was for a generous size glass veranda, plus an additional walkway veranda providing dry passage from a back door. Ambitions had grown since looking at the louvred roof and this facility should now fill much of their large patio space. At this stage the client looked purely at installing the two glass verandas – having no intention at all of a glass room.

Delighted with their new lifestyle – enjoying hours in their glass veranda every day from spring into summer, this client later enquired about the feasibility of adding glass sides. They wanted to continue use of this patio space into autumn and winter, and were excited to hear how Elegant verandas could easily undergo conversion into Glass Rooms; adding frameless glass doors and fixed side elements, yet without cluttering any view or losing that feeling of light open space.


This glass room should add protection from the sides while remaining as frameless as possible, retaining that open veranda feeling. Our glass rooms typically favour their sliding doors running between leg posts, but this 8m room would be better with its doors behind the legs; allowing them to fully retract away leaving the glass room as open as possible to its front. Care must be taken where the smaller walkway veranda connects to the side of this glass room, its gutter creating an obstacle to any fixed glass window. Finally, an 8m under glass awning blind should provide shade from summer heat, control daytime light levels, while also adding an insulating layer below glass for cooler evenings.


The client is over the moon, this glass room now being the primary living space of the house. Their living room and kitchen rarely used, most time is now spent outside enjoying the enhanced glass room, which also proves the first choice for visitors, family get-togethers and entertaining. After dark this spacious glass room becomes an additional option for spending evenings too, enjoying the stars above, or deploying the internal roof blind for increased warmth.

Mr & Mrs Phillips
8m x 4m (plus 3.5m x 1m)
Glass Verandas/ Glass Rooms


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