Open Glass Room in Gloucestershire

Open Fronted Glass Room Installed for Client in Gloucestershire

Meeting this client Mr Goodchild explained how his established patio in this Gloucestershire garden had been little used, not only due to rain, but a constant nuisance cross-breeze. Watching the video you can see this; branches in flutter as the glass doors open. The client wished to eliminate wind yet keep as connected to the garden as possible. Our solution was a glass room. For this project we designed an open glass room; having sides left and right, but remaining free of glass elements to its front (where wind was of no issue). This design retains full connection to the garden, the front always clear to wander.


Colour choice was to tone to the Cotswold stone of these Gloucestershire houses. The client requested keeping as much connection to the garden as possible, glass sides shouldn’t permanently enclose (meaning we must avoid ‘fixed’ end glazing) and should be frameless in order not feel enclosing – indeed the client didn’t want to notice any walls or doors at all. Lastly, their tired patio would require some attention.


Our frameless glass doors eliminated that breeze yet giving a clear view through, barely being noticeable in place. Moreover, they easily slide away on calm weather days opening the space entirely to the garden. A new wooden deck completes this attractive glass room, decking not only looking great but providing a perfect level base, eliminating step-down from the back door, and allowing our door tracks to be sunken. Another delighted glass room customer.

Mr & Mrs Goodchild
6m x 4m
Glass Rooms


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