New Glaslux Glass Room Info

Our latest glass room system is launched and looking good, with contemporary square leg posts and clean angular design our new Glaslux model is well made giving everything you need.

2020 sees this fabulous product added to our portfolio as a quality mid range offering. Glaslux glass room system is well engineered and capable of impressive 12m widths, with up to 4m outward projection sizes. With modern angular design, premium features include hidden rain drainage (piped down inside the legs) and a choice of angled or curved front support profiles. In our line up of quality offerings, the new Glaslux sits between our Glasdach or Moderna premium models and our Midi high value system. Glaslux gives you dependable quality with full features:

  • Contemporary angular design.
  • Custom made to order, to size.
  • High-grade extruded aluminium.
  • Premium powder-coated finish.
  • 10 framework colours.
  • Internal hidden rain drainage.
  • Up to 12m width (spanning the grandest terrace).
  • Up to 4m generous outward projection size.
  • Modular design it can be added to later.
  • Optional remote control spotlights.
  • Optional quartz infra-red heating.
  • Optional vertical zip screens.
  • Options on internal sun blinds.
  • Options on external sun awning.
  • Options on “Framed” side glazing.
  • Options on “Frameless” side glazing.
  • Options on sliding-doors side glazing.
  • Premium “Roller-Track” glass door system.
  • Draught excluder brush strips for door edges.


The Roller-Track glass door system is a quality door set with easy-glide movement, stainless steel wheels and bearings, sturdy aluminium floor track and stainless steel cup handles built into the glass. Made to order up to 6m wide with custom door heights up to 2.5m. The door edges can have optional draught excluder strips for the winter season. Get a personalised quote.

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Glaslux Glass Room System in Detail


The 110mm square leg posts include hidden rain water drainage piped down through the leg. Its strong 60mm wide roof beam rafters are engineered 110mm deep to deal well with future snow loads, and a generous internal gutter trough 10cm x 8cm deals with the heaviest downpour. Wall connection profile is a compact 140mm high, slender 40mm deep. Roof is angled bespoke between 5° and 15°.


Fully framed glass walls offer maximum strength with an engineered appearance, and more warning that the glass is there. Vertical mullions are a slender 60mm profile. Height of the unit can be up to 2.8m, and each individual panel can be up to 1.5m wide. It is therefore possible to have just one central mullion on a 3m outward projection.


Frameless side glazing offers a clear open view unhindered by mullion framework. The focal point of the eyes no longer stalls at any central framework but instead travels beyond the glass, coming to rest on scenery down your garden. Frameless glass sides can give a real sense of being outdoors, the feeling that you are virtually in the garden.


Roller-Track glass door system neatly installs between the leg posts, not behind. Compact 80mm floor track is just 23mm high minimising the step-over, and the header track measures just 50mm. Strong stainless steel roller wheels, with quality bearings, give smooth and easy operation. The doors include a metal cup handle within the glass of the first opening leaf and a locking mechanism is available.


Glaslux glass doors can be designed as a twin stack, meeting in the middle, or as a single stack closing to the left or to the right. All such choices are part of the custom design process, fully manufactured to order.


Glaslux triangulation units can parallel the sloping sides allowing installation of side glass doors below.


Fixed glass side walls can be combined with glass side doors. Glaslux can be configured to whatever combination you choose, for instance, have one side fixed while the other end has opening. Modular by design Glaslux also allows you to make changes later, so that you can replace a fixed glass side to sliding glass doors in future – or vice versa.



Further Options

In a world of powered blinds, our Concertina shading option offers a uniquely simple and highly controllable solution, it not only looks good but provides great flexibility. Shade just parts, or the entire glass room – and with obvious ease. Enjoy control of the solar gain like never before, and with our broad palette of fabric choices you’ll get the light and the look to your liking.


Glaslux optional powered sun awning via remote control – clever shading before the sun hits the glass.

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